On 7 February 2009, friends from around Mumbai gathered at the terrace (roof top) of Tina’s residence in Bandra, Mumbai to celebrate the auspicious occasion of the Chinese New Year – a CNY party thrown by Tina and Sun and their families! 

At 6.30pm, both hosting families were at the terrace, ready to receive their guests. Soon, the area became full of people. Laughters could be heard everywhere. And kids, oh yeah, those little ones, they’re everywhere too! The waiters were seen moving around serving finger-food from one table to another. At one corner, an array of delicious Southern Indian food decorated the food counter. And truth be told, we just couldn’t wait to get our hands on the food!

At about 8.00 pm, the party was already in full swing! One Indian cook was seen preparing dosas while the other one was trying his best to fulfill the endless requests for sevpuris and panipuris. Everyone seemed to enjoy the night. Chilly wind did not hamper the lively mood everyone was having at that time, in fact, the air was quite pleasant up there on the terrace.

Before the party came to an end, Tina took the opportunity to celebrate her son, Harresh’s birthday, who had just turned 8.  Happy Birthday, Harresh! Here are some photos of the night to show you all. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

PERWAKILAN MUMBAI would like to say a million thanks to both Tina and Sun and to the rest of their families for inviting us to their Chinese New Year Party. May the Year of the Ox bring more joyful moments into your lives.


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