On the 21 February 2009, some of the members of the PERWAKILAN MUMBAI went to a “Mumbai Sight Seeing Tour 2009” organised by the PERWAKILAN MUMBAI with coorperation from Consulate General Of Malaysia in Mumbai.9 members of PERWAKILAN and their children were on this trip. We started our journey from the Consulate General of Malaysia at about 9.45am to the Dobi Ghat in Mahalaxmi. It is the biggest open laundry area in Mumbai. A strange but interesting place really!!!

From there we continued to the Times Of India Building, CST Station, BMC Building, Azad Maidan, Churchgate, High Court, Raj Bhai Tower, Mumbai University, Oval Maiden, Mantralaya, Express Tower, Air India Building and Nariman Point. We also passed through Ministers’ Residences near Mantralaya area. We could not believe our eyes how they look like but, sorry….no photos are allowed. Our next destinations were the Gateway of India and Taj Mahal Hotel…the one that was attacked by terrorists on 26 November 2008. There we were “posing sakan le“.

We had our lunch at 5 Spice Restaurant… Chinese food, babe!!!. Sponsored by Happy Holidays Travel Agent. As we got full, it was the time for shopping at Mangladas Market and Musafir Khana. These are among the famous shopping places in Mumbai, where you can get everything there at lower prices but it is always crowded and yuckk….smelly!!!

Then we moved to the Chor Bazaar, this is also a famous place in Mumbai… where you can get all the antique items or rather used items but none appeared to be cheap. On our way back, we visited Haji Ali Mosque but we did not manage to get close as we ran out of time, enough only to take some pictures. The trip was enjoyable and each one of us was very happy. So,we look foward to having perhaps a second trip!!!!

Note: The story of the trip was contributed by the wife of the Consul General of Malaysia in Mumbai herself, Mrs. Zuhaila Abd Latif. An announcement with regard to this event was made on 11 February 2009. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Zuhaila Abd Latif, Mrs. Sharifah Faten Ali Albar and Mrs. Rosmayati Roslin. Click here for more.


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