I personally love this one.

There’s nothing ‘typical’ about this particular Hindi movie. Quite different from the others. No love scene, no kissing, no singing, no dancing, no changing of hundreds of sarees in one song, no running around on a hilltop, no bad guys. Just a bunch of girls who come together, trained to become professional hockey players, aiming to win the fictional competition, The World Hockey Championship.


Featuring Shah Rukh Khan as the coach of Indian Women’s Field Hockey Team, “Chak De! India” was reported to be the highest grossing movie of 2007 in India. Many incidents shown in this movie are true as they reflect what really happened within the actual Indian Women’s Field Hockey Team.

This is absolutely a must-see movie. Believe me, you’ll love it too. And just in case you’re wondering – “Chak De! India” means “Go For It! India”.

Note: The entry was written by Mrs. Julia Idaly of Navi Mumbai, India.


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