Two of the classes organised by the PERWAKILAN MUMBAI, Bollywood Dance Class and Hindi Language Class, have been successfully carried out today, 3 March 2008 at the residence of Consul General of Malaysia in Mumbai.

We started our day with the Bollywood Dance class at about 10.30 am with Mrs. Shilpa, our bubbly and amiable dance guru, standing infront of the class showing us the right way of warming up. We could hear her say loudly, “Come on everyone, inhale… exhale… stretch to the right… then to the left… stretch more… more…  more… very good! “  And we went, “Urghh… this is hurting me”, “Ouch, uihhhh, it’s really painful!”, “Adeh, adeh, adehhhh, sakit… alamakkk malam nih tak boleh bunuh setan la nampak gayanya!!!”

A few minutes later, Mrs. Shilpa, turned some Hindi songs on and we began moving to the rhythm, guided by her throughout the dance class, of course! So we tried the Step Touch, Double Steps, V-Steps and Grapevine. One step after another and slowly everyone started to forget about the pain they were actually having. It seemed like everyone was enjoying the dance class very much.

adsc01647 bd1 bd2

bd3 bd4 bd6

bd7 bd8

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At about 12.30 pm, Mrs Chang, our Hindi Language teacher was already there, ever eager to start the class. Just like kindergarten kids, we learned to pronounce a few words starting with something simple like Ek-Do- Tin… Das (One-Two-Three…. Ten), Kiu-Kya-Qab… (Why-What-When…), Mujhe-Mei-Mera (I-I’m-My) and so on. Now, we even know how to say ‘I Love You’ in Hindi – Mei Tumse Pyar Kerti Hu!

adsc01654 adsc01657 adsc01659

adsc01664 adsc01666

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