The American School of Bombay’s annual Festival of Nations celebration took place today, 2nd April 2009, with children from 50 different countries parading on stage with music, flags and clothing from around the world. Many country representatives displayed their colors and heritage with a vision of “oneness, acceptance, inclusion and harmony”, no matter who they are or where they come from.This ceremony was enhanced with performances from 6 different countries and Malaysia was no exception! Our children performed their Malay dance so gracefully with rounds of applause from the audiences! It was no doubt a spirit of ‘Malaysia Boleh’!!!

Hats off to our children for a great performance! They had been practicing very hard for the past one month. BRAVO kids! BRAVO!

Thank you to Julia Idaly and Nur Fadzlin for choreographing the dance. And to the kids from Ecole Mondiale World School & German International School, THANK YOU for your utmost support. To all moms who had in one way or another helped to make this a success, a BIG THANK YOU!!! Malaysia Boleh!!! Click here for more photos or push ‘PLAY’ to view the video.


Note: This special report was written by Mrs. Sharifah Faten Ali Albar, Head of the Sub-Committee For Culture and Sports who was in charge of the preparation for this event. PERWAKILAN MUMBAI would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Sharifah Faten for all the hard work. Kudos to you!


3 responses

  1. Dear Ladies,thank you for your cooperation and efforts in ensuring a successful participation of our children in Festival Of Nations 2009. My special thanks to Pn.Sharifah, Pn.Julia, Pn.Nur Fadzlin and our children for their hard work.
    Bravo…Good performance!!!

  2. I wish to congratulate all children, parents and PERWAKILAN Mumbai for having made Malaysia’s participation at the ASM Festival of Nations a successful one. I am proud of your commitment, hard work and patience in ensuring a beautiful performance from the Malaysian children.

    Consul General of Malaysia

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