Craving for Kangkung Goreng Belachan (Sauteed Water Spinach In Prawn Paste)? Or perhaps, you are salivating for some kuchai (chives) as ulam, but do not know where to find them? Don’t sweat and don’t fret over it, ’cause we have the answer to it.

You can definitely find these veggies at Pali Market, located at Pali Hill in Bandra, Mumbai. The busy market comes to life during the day where fruit and vegetables are haggled over every day. Stalls line the street and each displays beautifully shiny fresh fruits or vegetables. Check out the guy in the photos… His stall is the only stall that sells kangkung and chives. And if you’re lucky, you might bump into some red chillies and bamboo shoots too! So, Pali Market ko chale jao!!

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A fistful of kangkung is sold at price ranging from Rs10 to Rs15.


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