It is hard to choose whether you should go for dim sum or Chinese grill or sushi when you actually haven’t had these foods for a very long time. Well, at Global Fusion: Eat Around The World, you can have them all!

dsc01187 dsc01123 dsc01122  

The East Asian buffet restaurant occupies one half of Link Square Mall’s foodcourt and the mix changes everyday. But the best thing is – diners get to eat unlimited quantities without having too much to pay. As of to date, the charges are as below:

Lunch: Monday to Saturday – *Rs 475 per person; Sunday – *Rs 650 per person.

Dinner: Monday to Thursday – *Rs 575 per person, Friday to Sunday – *Rs 650 per person. 

* Charges stated above are not inclusive of service charges.

Upon entering, you will be greeted with the smell of fried foods and the sound of rippling water of a pool. The restaurant is pleasantly high-ceilinged, mood-lit and decorated with woody fittings, it will make you look extravagant without spending too much.

dsc01140 dsc01138 dsc01142 dsc01165

Venture inside, you will come to see two huge food counters, each counter has chefs every ready to entertain the diners’ requests. One counter displays a countless varieties of sushi and shashimi, while the other one displays an array of tempura, teppanyaki, 5 types of soup, dim sum and Chinese-style grilled food.

dsc01125 dsc01127 dsc01128

dsc01159 dsc01130 dsc01146


The main course are placed at the other part of the restaurant together with a huge varieties of sinful desserts and 12 flavours of Baskin Robbin’s ice-cream. Don’t miss the Jasmine tea!

dsc01148 dsc01149 dsc01157 dsc01154

Now that you have come to know about this place, head to Third Floor, Link Square Mall, Linking Road, Bandra (W) because that’s where it is or call 022 – 2646-9001 to make a reservation. It’s open daily 12 noon -4pm and 7pm – 1am. According to one of the managers, the meats are halal for the Muslims and they do not serve pork.

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