The paintball game was organized at the wood paintball range at Golden Swan Country Club, Thane on 26 April 2009, a day after the Malaysian Family Day 2009 was held and after having breakfast at Mr. Anoop Gupta’s residence that morning. 14 brave ‘soldiers’ who wished to experience the adrenaline rush of paintball had confirmed their participation and they were then divided into two teams – White Battalion and Black Battalion.

Black Battalion
Black Battalion (Wan Zaidi, Azmee, Yahya, Mathan, Sharifah Faten, Faizal and Adilah)
White Battalion
White Battalion (Julia, Shahril, Jeya, Ezwan, Prasath, Bukhari and Azam)

The 7-aside war started at about 11.30 a.m. and a few seconds later the two battalions started bombarding each other, each battalion trying hard to ‘eliminate’ as many enemies as they could in order to reach the opposite team’s goal post first without getting tagged by the paintball and capture the flag of the opposite side and bring the flag back to their own base.

adsc_0586 adsc_0588 adsc_0594

adsc_0595 adsc_0608 adsc_0615

adsc_0616 adsc_0619 adsc_0621

adsc_0622 adsc_0623 adsc_0648

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

Pain and paints combined throughout the war but everyone didn’t seem to care about the blue and black marks they were collecting on their bodies. After a long one-hour ‘ordeal’, the Black Battalion was pronounced champion. Congratulations!


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