Hi Ladies,

The PERWAKILAN MUMBAI’s Monthly Meeting (Meeting 2/2009) which was postponed the last time shall be held soon and the details are as below:

 Date : May 21, 2009 (Thursday)

Time : 10.30 am

Venue : Mrs Jeya a/p Sundaraju’s Residence, Bandra, Mumbai, India.

This will be the last meeting before we start our long school/summer holiday. Please try to come on time since we have a very packed agenda (see below).


1. To dicuss on future activities after school-break.

2. To celebrate members who were born in the months of February to May.

3. To give farewell speeaches to Mrs. Tina Ong and Mrs. Wan Juriah who are going back to Malaysia for good and to Mrs. Qrissya Zulkilfi who is moving to Qatar.

FYI, Mrs Jeya is going to prepare some food for the meeting and we can bring some desserts. Kindly let Mrs. Mazidah or Mrs Rosmayati know what favourite/special dessert you are bringing and who knows, there might be ‘The Best Dessert of the Day’ competition going on this time….. jeng jeng jeng!

We would appreciate it if you could come wearing baju kurung/baju kebaya/sari/cheongsam to make the event more harmonious and ‘sejuk mata memandang’. Please inform Mrs. Mazidah of your attendance as soon as possible through her email at

Thank you.


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