As a token of appreciation to the Committee Members of PERWAKILAN MUMBAI 2009 and to some others who had lent a helping hand in making the Malaysian Family Day 2009 event a success, a special ‘Ladies In Red’ luncheon was organised for them by PERWAKILAN MUMBAI at Global Fusion Restaurant in Bandra, Mumbai yesterday, 19 May 2009.

In line with the theme, the ladies made their presence felt and turned heads by appearing in sizzling red outfits! Everyone looked absolutely gorgeous and vibrant that day. 

Mazidah, Ima Manoharan, Wan Juriah, Premavathe, Julia Idaly, Suriani, Nurfadzlin, Jeya Vasu, Waheedabi & Zuhaila.

aDSC_0019 aDSC_0036 aDSC_0045

The luncheon ended after Mrs. Jeya Vasu, the Treasurer of PERWAKILAN MUMBAI paid the bill.

To see more of us, click here.

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