The PERWAKILAN MUMBAI Members’ Meeting 2/2009 has been successfully carried out and was opened by Mrs. Zuhaila Abd. Latif as the Chairman of PERWAKILAN MUMBAI at 11.00 am at Mrs. Jeya Vasu’s residence in Bandra, Mumbai yesterday, 21 May 2009. Below were the things transpired during the meeting:

1) Chairman had given out a word of thanks to those who had helped out in organising the Malaysian Family Day 2009 event on 25 April 2009. Chairman also informed that the photo and video CDs for Malaysian Family Day 2009 are now available. Those who wish to make duplicates of these CDs will have to pay a ‘copyright’ charge of Rs400 for full package or Rs100 per CD. Kindly contact Mrs. Julia Idaly to obtain the CDs.

2) Chairman had also given out a word of thanks to Mrs Sharifah Faten who had worked hard for the Festival of Nation 2009 on 2 April 2009. Mrs. Julia Idaly and Mrs. Nurfadzlin was presented with gifts by the Chairman for choreographing the dance.

3) Chairman had requested Mrs. Sharifah Faten (Head of Sub-Committee Member for Culture & Sports) and Mrs. Nurfadzlin (Head of Sub-Committee Member for Visits & Social Affair) to table out the activities that shall be carried out after the monsoon break and school break. Some of the members had also suggested that cake-making class, chocolate craft class, Ladies Day Out, and cooking class be included into the list of future activities.

4) Mrs. Ima Manoharan had dedicated a farewell speech for Mrs. Wan Juriah who is going back to Malaysia for good. Mrs. Sharifah Faten were supposed to dedicate farewell speeches for Mrs Tina Ong and Mrs. Qrissya but the two ladies were not available for the meeting. Mrs. Wan Juriah had given out her special speech too and was presented with a farewell gift by the Chairman.

The meeting was adjourned at about 1.00pm and the next meeting shall be held tentatively in August 2009 at Mrs. Nur Fadzlin’s residence in Worli, Mumbai. As soon as the meeting was over, we took the opportunity to celebrate Mrs. Sharifah Faten, Mrs. Rosmayati and Mrs. Mazidah’s birthdays.

aDSC02463 aDSC02464 aDSC02487

aDSC02490 aDSC02492 aDSC02493 aDSC02508

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge or click here to see more photos.

Note: PERWAKILAN MUMBAI would like to say ‘thank you’ to Mrs. Jeya Vasu for letting us use her house as the meeting venue and also to everyone who had contibuted some desserts for the luncheon.

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