To all Malaysian citizens in Mumbai,

In view of possible occurrences of floods in Mumbai during this monsoon season, the Consulate General of Malaysia in Mumbai wishes to advice all Malaysian citizens staying in the city to take necessary precautionary measures to avoid any difficulty or unwanted incident in particular during the forecast period of high tide between 22nd – 27th June 2009 and 21st – 26th July 2009.

2. Precautionary measure that can be taken may include the following:

i. To frequently check the weather forecast announced by the media or through the internet.

ii. To avoid going to low-lying areas and seafronts.

iii. To stay at home in the event of continues heavy rains over an hour.

iv. To stock up some essential food items, mineral water and some basic medicines.

v. To regularly inform friends, families of one’s whereabouts if it is still necessary to leave house.

vi. To immediately alert friends, families or this Consulate General in the event of getting trapped in flooded areas.


3. A contingency plan which will be implemented by the Consulate General of Malaysia in Mumbai during on emergency situation is attached herewith for your general guidance.


4. All Malaysian citizens are also strongly advised to notify the Consulate of any change of their addresses and telephones numbers.


Wan Zaidi Wan Abdullah

Consul General of Malaysia


15th June 2009


* Click here for the Contigency Plan During Emergency in Mumbai.


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