To all brothers and sisters in Islam,

PERWAKILAN MUMBAI sincerely welcomes Nisfu Sya’aban.

Nisfu Sya’ban falls on the 15th day of the month of Sya’ban according to the Hijrah calendar and during this month, Muslims are encouraged to perform special prayers in the hopes of obtaining blessings and forgiveness from Allah (SWT) and to fast. It’s a common practice for Muslims to recite the Surah Yasin after the Maghrib prayers on the evening of Nisfu Sya’ban, followed by special doa or prayers.

Therefore, Nisfu Sya’aban is not just a clear indicator that the blessed month of Ramadan is around the corner but we should also regard Nisfu Syaaban as a sign that we should look into ourselves, to do some self-accounting on our past deeds. May the coming days witness a positive change in our community, and ourselves. Let us always have taqwa to Allah s.w.t.


Aishah tells us: “I never saw the Prophet (peace be upon him) fast an entire month except for the month of Ramadân. I never saw him fast more often in any other month than he did in Sha`bân.” [Sahîh al-Bukhârî (1969) and Sahîh Muslim (1156)]


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