Chocolate! Who doesn’t love its tantalizing bittersweet taste? One bite and you’re in paradise. We bet many women can’t resist it even without looking at it.

To avid chocolate eaters, Patchi chocolate is no ‘stranger’ to their tastebuds. Since it’s not widely sold around the world, the alcohol-free Lebanese chocolate is highly sought after. Good news is, a Patchi store has been discovered in Mumbai and you can get those stylish little Patchi chocolate pieces here:


Royal Garden, Dr. Annie Beasant Road,

Worli, Shop 65 & 66, ATRIA Mall, Mumbai,

Maharastra 400 018, INDIA.

6409_1156579525281_1551534075_30418166_7426726_n 6409_1156579605283_1551534075_30418168_8083479_n 6409_1156581725336_1551534075_30418198_6272548_n 6409_1156579565282_1551534075_30418167_2553072_n 6409_1156582085345_1551534075_30418200_7859631_n

Price info (as to date of this post being written):

Classic = approximately Rs3000 per 1kg.

Deluxe = approximately Rs3500 per 1kg. 


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