Wife of the Minister of International Trade and Industries, YBhg.  Datin Khamarzan Ahmad Meah visited Mumbai from 28-30 October 2009. She was accompanying the Minister, Y.B. Dato’ Mustapa Mohamed who was on a Trade and Investment Mission to India.


Upon arrival at Chattrapathi Shivaji International Airport Mumbai,  YBhg. Datin Khamarzan was received by Mdm. Zuhaila Abd Latif, wife of the Malaysian Consul General in Mumbai and Mrs. Maherah Ahmad, wife of the Trade Consul.


The programme of YBhg.  Datin Khamarzan in Mumbai began with a courtesy call by the Chairman  and Deputy Chairman of PERWAKILAN Mumbai, and the wives of Trade and Investment Consuls. YBhg. Datin Khamarzan was later taken to the Gateway of India, the most important landmark in Mumbai City.  At the same spot, YBhg. Datin was also taken to view the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, a beautiful sea-facing palace converted into a hotel, which was also affected by the incident of terrorist attacks in November last year.


YBhg. Datin Khamarzan also visited Apsara International, one of the largest showrooms for handicrafts and souvenirs in Mumbai. From there, she was taken to a famous saree shop, Kala Niketan at Queens Road.  

At noon,  YBhg.  Datin returned to Trident Hotel for a “ramah mesra’ programme with the Committee members of PERWAKILAN and few others. The programme started with a felicitation by Mrs. Mazidah Mohamed, the Secretary of PERWAKILAN who presented a bouquet of flowers to YBhg. Datin while Mdm Zuhaila Abd Latif introduced all present at the event. In this event,  Mrs. Mazidah Mohamed  gave a briefing on all activities carried out by PERWAKILAN.


Others present had the opportunity to explain their role in PERWAKILAN and their life in Mumbai. YBhg. Datin Khamarzan was very happy to note that PERWAKILAN Mumbai was actively working together and carried out various activities in Mumbai. In her message, YBhg. Datin thanked all ladies for organising the programme. She reminded that it is very important for all to give a full commitment in ensuring that all activities planned are successful. She also briefed about the role and activities at the Association of Wives of Ministers and Deputy Ministers (BAKTI) in Malaysia, in which she is currently the Secretary of the association.  The programme was followed by a luncheon at India Jones Restaurant which is also the venue of the ongoing Malaysian Food festival.  At the end of the luncheon, Mdm Zuhaila Abd Latif presented a special gift on behalf of PERWAKILAN to YBhg.  Datin, while Mrs. Shareena Nordin, wife of Director SCOMI Pvt Ltd, one of leading Malaysian Companies in Mumbai also presented her with a gift on behalf of the SCOMI Company.


During the rest of the afternoon, Mdm Zuhaila and other ladies accompanied YBhg. Datin Khamarzan to tour around the Oberoi Shopping Arcade, which has various shops including diamond jewellers, carpet and Pashmina shawl traders and fashioned handbag.

One full day with YBhg. Datin Khamarzan in Mumbai was a memorable occasion. She left Mumbai early morning on 30th October to continue the visit to Bangalore with Y.B. Minister. Mdm Zuhaila, Mrs. Jeya Vasu and Mrs. Mahera Ahmad sent her off to the Mumbai Airport.

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