The PERWAKILAN Mumbai Members’ Meeting 3/2009 was held  on 10 November 2009 at the residence of Mrs. Huma Kausar in Powai, Mumbai. The meeting was opened by the Chairman of PERWAKILAN Mumbai, Mrs. Zuhaila Abd Latif at 11.00am. The meeting was preceded by a cooking demonstration (preparation of Biryani rice) by Mrs. Huma Kausar.

 Among the matters discussed during the meeting were as follows:

1. Chairman thanked Mrs. Huma Kausar for hosting the meeting and for demonstrating the preparation of biryani as well as sharing the recipe. The Chairman also welcomed the new members of PERWAKILAN Mumbai. They are Mrs. Mahera Ahmad, Mrs. Rahfesta Rahman, Mrs. Shareena Nordin, Mrs. Masyitah and Mrs. Emba.

2. Chairman also thanked all those who had helped out in Malaysia’s participation during the Melting Pot Charity Bazaar, including the children who had taken part in a Joget  performance. As agreed by the main Committee, some pocket money would be given to these children as an appreciation to their hard work and encouragement for them to continue participating in future events.

3. The meeting also discussed  certain preparations for the Malaysian Sports Days, which require PERWAKILAN’s involvement including the Consulate’s request for a potluck during the Badminton tournament on 15 November 2009. 

4. On behalf of PERWAKILAN,the  Chairman wished Mrs. Huma Kausar and her husband a safe trip to Makkah to perform the Haj and also wished them  to get a ‘ Haji Mabrur’.

The meeting  adjourned at 1.00pm and next meeting will be the AGM ( annual general meeting- the place and date will announce later). As the meeting over, PERWAKILAN Mumbai celebrated the birthday of some members of PERWAKILAN birthday.

Note : PERWAKILAN Mumbai would like to thank all members  who had contributed some desserts for the lunch.


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