The fifth meeting for PERWAKILAN MUMBAI’s Committee Members for 2009 was held on 1 December 2009 at 11.00 am at Mrs. Shareena Nordin’s residence in Juhu, Mumbai, India. Before the meeting started, Mrs. Zuhaila Abd. Latif, the wife of the General Consul of Malaysia in Mumbai, India presented a newborn baby gift to Mrs. Masitah Hamdah and another gift to Mrs. Shareena Nordin as a token appreciation for helping out during the Melting Pot event.

As the Chairman of the organisation, Mrs. Zuhaila Abd. Latif  officially opened the meeting with a welcome note and she was thankful that all committee members had made it to the meeting that day.

The meeting was held with the purpose of discussing on matters stated below:

1) Annual General Meeting 2009 has been decided to be held before the gala night and shall be carried out at the official residence of the General Consul of Malaysia in Mumbai, India.

2) Gala Night shall be held in December 2009 and the theme shall be strictly “Bollywood Night”. The event is open to all Malaysians and the invitations will be sent out soon.

Most of the discussion centered on the preparation of both programmes, the Annual General Meeting and the Gala Night. Each of the Committee Members were assigned to a task so as to ensure the events would go smoothly.

The meeting ended at about 12.30 pm and the guests ushered to the dining hall to have lunch. Mrs. Shareena had prepared delicious laksa asam, laksam, bubur nasi and lemang as the main course while the rest of the ladies had brought over some desserts. Later, some of the ladies enjoyed a round of karaoke.


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