The Consul General of Malaysia in Mumbai, Mr. Wan Zaidi Wan Abdullah officiated the Annual General Meeting 2009 of The Malaysian Ladies Association in Mumbai (PERWAKILAN MUMBAI) held at C’est La Vie, Mumbai on 11 December 2009.

Mr. Wan Zaidi, in his remarks congratulated the PERWAKILAN MUMBAI for having actively carried out its activities throughout 2009. The Chairman of PERWAKILAN MUMBAI, Mrs. Zuhaila Abdul Latif delivered a keynote address detailing out the achievements of PERWAKILAN MUMBAI and the future plans for the Association.

Next, Mrs. Jeya Sundaraju, the treasurer of the Assocation, laid out the expenditure for year 2009 followed by Mrs. Mazidah Mohamed, as the secretary of the Association, who detailed out all the activities and events that had been carried out throughout the year 2009.

Mrs. Ima Manoharan later announced for the election of the new line up of Committee Members for 2010. As more activities for 2010 have been planned, the AGM also created several new Sub-committee Members to assist in the implementation of the activities. The new line-up is as below:

Chairman: Mrs. Zuhaila Abd. Latif

Vice Chairman: Mrs. Maherah Ahmad

Secretary: Mrs. Rosmayati Roslin

Treasurer: Mrs. Jeya Sundaraju

Sub-Committee Member for Culture & Sports: Mrs. Nur Fadzlin Ramli

Sub-Committee Member for Visits & Social Affairs: Mrs. Julia Idaly Mohd Yusof

Sub-Committee Member for Event Coordination & Food: Mrs. Mazidah Mohamed

Sub-Committee Member for Religious Affairs & Education: Mrs. Asiah Jaafar

Sub-Committee Member for Publication, Photography & Information Technology: Mrs. Rahfesta Abd. Rahman & Mrs. Enba Deva

Mrs. Zuhaila stressed out that if  a committee member fails to attend Commitee Members meeting for 3 times with no solid reason, she shall be removed and replaced with a new person. It has also been unanimously agreed that the new annual membership fee shall be Rs 1000 effective January next year. 

Click here for more photos.


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