Date: 13 December 2009.

Time: 7.00 pm.

Venue: A’la Mode Banquets, Juhu, Mumbai, India.

Theme: Malaysians Go Bollywood.

Ticket price: Rs1600 (members of PERWAKILAN MUMBAI enjoyed some reduction on the ticket price).

This event was organised by the ladies of PERWAKILAN MUMBAI purely to celebrate the ending of year 2009 and to welcome the new year 2010. It was also meant to get everyone together and to show thankfulness to some of the members of PERWAKILAN MUMBAI who had been very supportive to the Assocation throughout the year 2009 before they leave Mumbai for good. More than 50 people, ladies and gentlemen, turned up dressed in colourful Indian costumes inline with the event theme “Malaysians Go Bollywood”.

At the entrance, just before entering the ballroom, all guests had to walk the Red Carpet set up mainly for photoshoot purpose. Women in glittering sarees and lengha cholis smiled their dazzling smiles for the cameras. Not to mention the men, who also wore accordingly, gave their best poses much to the cameramen’s delight. The children, all dressed up like their parents did, looked stunningly beautiful and handsome that made us almost forgot they were actually underage. These people must have spent a fortune on their costumes!



At about 8.00 pm, the emcees of the event, Mrs. Sharifah Faten and Mrs. Rosmayati hit the podium and invited The Consul General of Malaysia in Mumbai, Mr. Wan Zaidi b. Wan Abdullah, to give an opening speech. This was followed by the certificate and gift presentation by the Chairman of PERWAKILAN MUMBAI, Mrs. Zuhaila Abd. Latif to all the comitttee members and members of the Association.

The guests later flocked the food counter as soon as the emcee announced ‘Dinner Is Served’. While they enjoyed the Indian cuisines, they were entertained with some Bollywood dance by Indian performers hired for the night. Some of the guests took the chance to take photos with Shah Rukh Khan, Abishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai. Well, of course they were not present at the Gala, but the posters kind of made us feel that they were literally there.

At about 9.30pm, the guests hit the dance floor. Mr. DJ spinned some Bollywood numbers and everyone started swaying to the music. It didn’t take long for them to go banghra crazy and the night just got livelier and merrier.

Halfway through, the emcees had to stop them from dancing to announce the winners of Best Dressed (Female & Male), Best Couple and Best Dancer (Female & Male) awards. There were also awards of the same for the children and non-members. The nominees were asked to catwalk and dance to determine the true winners. It’s judgement time!




For members of PERWAKILAN MUMBAI, the Best Dressed Female Adult Award went to Mrs. Maherah Ahmad while the Best Dressed Male Adult Award went to Mr. Othman AbdullahMr. Alias Suut and his wife Mrs. Nur Fadzlin Ramli bagged the Best Couple Award while Mrs. Sharifah Faten bagged the Best Female Dancer Award.

For non-members, the Best Dressed Female Adult Award went to Mrs. Rafisa from a travel agency while the Best Dressed Male Award went to Mr. Hazel (KFC Malaysia in Mumbai). The Best Dancer Award went to Mr. Ragu (KFC Malaysia in Mumbai).

Last but not least, for the children, the Best Female Dancer Award went to Nurshafiqah Firzana bt. Wan Zaidi while Muhd Khairl Ezwan b. Othman took home the Best Male Dancer Award.

Congratulations to all winners. Bravo! Bravo! The dance floor once again opened to the guests and they danced the night away. At about 12.30 midnight, it was time to leave and the guests finally made their exit.

Click here for more photos of the event.


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