The first meeting for year 2010 for PERWAKILAN MUMBAI’S  Members  was held on 17 February 2010 at 10.30 am at Mrs Mahera’s residence in Santa Cruz (W), Mumbai, India. The meeting was addressed by the Chairman of PERWAKILAN Mumbai, Mrs. Zuhaila Abd Latif at 11.00am. She welcomed everybody and thanked them for their continuous support.

The meeting was an informal meeting just catching up with each other and sharing their vacation experiences. It was wonderful to get together after the long seasons break.

We took the opportunity to discuss on the activities and events planned for the year 2010. All the members wanted to plan a trip either local or overseas together. We decided to explore the idea and will try to organize it.

Mrs Ima Manoharan was very kind to share with us a showcase of stainless steel cutlery from a vendor, with exciting prices. The quality and design was very up market.

Mrs. Zuhaila Abd Latif  met with the committee members’ to discuss on the resignation of  Mrs Rahfesta as the Head of  Sub – committee member for Publication, Photography and Computers. The committee agreed to accept the resignation as she was returning back to Malaysia. We also agreed that we will not replace a new person. The other existing person Mrs Enba Deva will handle it alone and will be helped by other committee members when needed.

The treasure Mrs Jeya Vasu collected membership money INR 1000  from the members. This is for year 2010 membership payment.

 Chairman thanked Mrs. Mahera  for hosting the meeting in her residence.

The meeting adjourned at 12.30 pm and the guests ushered to the dining hall to have lunch. Mrs. Mahera and all other members had pot luck for a delicious lunch.

Note : PERWAKILAN Mumbai would like to thank all members  who had contributed  for the lunch.







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