Perwakilan Mumbai had organised  a trip to Colombo for 2 nights 3 days from 23rd April till 26th April, 2010. Perwakilan  Colombo and Malaysian Association Sri Lanka had assisted us in organising the tour. They had also accompanied us on the trip ensuring us a wonderful time.

Departure : Friday @  2.00 am in Chatrapati Sivaji Airport , Mumbai.

Arrival : Friday @ Bandaranaike International Airport ,Katunayake, Colombo.


We arrived safely in Colombo and was greeted ” Ayubowan” by our tour guide Mr Charles. The drive from airport to the Hotel took us about 40 minutes. We enjoyed the green scenic along the way. Cinnamon Grand Hotel was booked for an early check in.  At the hotel we were greeted by Mrs Fareda Baunach, Mrs Aby and Mrs Liza.

After freshening up , we left  for Colombo city tour and shopping. We shopped at Barefoot, Odel, Sena Gems and Lakemadura. Lunch was at Raja Bojun Restaurant and it was buffet. The food was very much to our liking as it was very similar to Malaysian style cooking.  

In the evening we had a rare opportunity to meet  Melayu Lankans at Malay Cricket Club. We were informed of their heritage and population in Lanka.



We were invited to dinner hosted by YBhg Datuk Rosli Bin Ismail and Datin Mariana Binti Alias at their residence “Rumah Malaysia”.


Day two : Leave to Matale to visit Noritake Factory.

It took us  4 hours from Colombo to Matale. It was a tiring journey but worth it. We were very lucky to get the opportunity to visit the factory. The factory is not open to public and we have to thank Perwakilan Colombo who had worked very hard in obtaining the visit. It was a mind opening visit , has now we realise why Noritake is so expensive ! Every step is carefully done under going a quality check. The process is so tedious and takes a long time to be a finish product. We spent  an hour and half in the factory going along from scratch to end product line to understand the process. It was definitely a worthwhile visit , has it enlighten every one of  its quality and beauty.  We left to their showroom to do our purchases.



We were so excited at the discounts and purchased till our heart content. Imagine we miss our lunch and culture show but were very happy with all our purchases.

At about 5.00 pm we left to our hotel in Kandy. We stayed at Mahweli Reach Hotel Kandy.All of us were exhausted and hungry. After shower we met at the hotel’s restaurant for a buffet dinner which was delicious.

Day three: Art and Craft Showroom, Spices Herbal Garden and Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage.

After breakfast we visited a cultural art and craft showroom. Some of them purchased souvenirs and some silver jewellery.  On the way we stopped at a Susantha Spices Herbal garden, which is run by the Sri Lankan Government. We were though of the benefits of spices, herbs and its natural healing properties. We headed to Pinnawela to see feeding of the elephants and also river bathing. It was an incredible sight to see these huge elephants and it’s baby.Lunch was at Pinnalanda Restaurant which oversees the river where the elephants are bathing and mingling among them.




We headed back to Colombo and YBhg Datin Mariana was very kind to allow us to use her residence for showering . She also had prepared tea and cakes for us. After freshening up we all headed to Mr Farook’s residence for a sea food dinner. Mr Farook and his family were  great hosts,  we thank him for the delicious dinner. After a scrumptious dinner we left to the airport .



 We reached Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake for departure by Sri Lankan Airlines UL 141 to  Chatrapati Sivaji Airport , Mumbai , India.


Perwakilan Mumbai express their heartiest thanks to YBhg Datuk Rosli , Datin Mariana , Mrs Fareda ,Mrs Aby, Mrs Liza, Perwakilan Colombo and Malaysian Association Sri Lanka.


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