On June 5th 2010, Mrs Prema Sivanathan organized her 1st baby shower ceremony called “Valaikappu”. This is a special occasion done only by Indian community to welcome their to-be- born baby. It’s similar to malay culture known as “melenggang perut”. Members of PERWAKILAN Mumbai and their family were invited to this occasion.

Definition of Valaikappu:
This ceremony is performed during the odd months of pregnancy mostly during the seventh month for the expectant mother in her mother’s house. Prayers are invoked for the well-being of the mother-to -be and the foetus. Mostly women are invited for this function.

The expectant mother is made to wear a lot of bangles mostly glass ones of red and green colors and the sound of these bangles are supposed to reach the womb. The bangles are removed only during delivery and given to the midwife at the birth of a child. Arti is performed.

The mother of the girl presents her silk saris and gold and silver bangles. The invitees give gifts for the mother-to -be and they are given a feast.



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