On 23rd November 2011, PERWAKILAN Mumbai visited The Saifee Hospital in South Mumbai. PERWAKILAN Mumbai members was greeted by the Medical Director, Dr. Vernon P. de Sa. And also with us were Dr. S. J. Bapai, Asst. Director – PR & Govt and Dr. Iqbal B. Bagasrawala, Consulting Physician, Cardiologist and Diabetologist. We were shown a corporate video about Saifee Hospital and a tour of the hospital.

The Saifee Hospital, a modern hospital in Charni Road, Mumbai has 33 specialised departments, more than 400 doctors and 295 beds. The Saifee hospital was envisioned originally by Syedna Taher Saifuddin. The hospital was rebuilt by His Holiness Dr Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin.

We would like to thank all The Saifee Hospital staff especially to Dr. Vernon P. de Sa for their warm welcome and hospitality.

To learn more about Saifee Hospital, kindly log in to www.saifeehospital.com


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