• Flour                  2 cups  
  • Rice flour ( Cap teratai)              2 cups
  • Sugar                    1 cup + 1 tspn for yeast mixture
  • Water                   2 cups
  • Yeast (Mauripan)        1 pkt ( 11 gm)
  • Warm water      ½ cup
  • Eno ( regular )              1 pkt (5 gm)
  • Coconut – grated        ½ coconut
  • Salt  to taste


1)      Mix yeast, warm water and 1 tspn of sugar in a big bowl . Let it rise

2)      Mix flour, rice flour water and sugar in a blender and mix well till sugar is dissolved. U may need to divide the mixture into 2 batches and later add in together so that there is no lumps in the mixture

3)      Add mixture to the yeast mixture and let it to proof for 3 – 8 hours. Best is to do this in the morning and steam it in the late afternoon or overnight and steam it in the early morning

4)      Prepare the steamer and have the water properly boiled before you start steaming the apam mixture

5)      Steam the coconut for about 10 minutes

6)      Add salt to the coconut and mix well

7)      Oil the apam mould and arrange them into the steamer tray

8)      Just when u are about the start the steaming add eno and quickly stir

9)      Divide the mixture into 3 and add food coloring of your choice. The norm is red, green and yellow.

10)   Pour mixture into the mould and place it into the steamer. Cook for 15 minutes

11)   Remove Apam from steamer and remove them from the mould.

12)   Place grated coconut on top of apam and serve

 p/s : Perwakilan Mumbai would like to thank Puan Mahani for sharing her recipee.



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