PERWAKILAN is an acronym for “Persatuan Wanita Kementerian Luar Negeri Malaysia” which, in English, is the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ladies’ Association. PERWAKILAN Mumbai is a women’s non-political social organization under the Consulate General of Malaysia in Mumbai. PERWAKILAN Mumbai was established in the year 2007. The Consul General acts as a Patron, while his spouse functions as a Chairperson. Mrs. Siti Hazura Binti Mohd Ghaus is the Chairperson of PERWAKILAN Mumbai since July 2011. She is assisted by members comprising the spouses of officers serving with the Malaysian Government and Malaysian private sectors.

The primary objective of PERWAKILAN Mumbai is to serve an avenue for members with opportunities to socialise and exchange ideas among them, helping new members to settle down and familiarise themselves with the new environment.

PERWAKILAN Mumbai also aims to provide members with information on etiquette, customs and traditions of Malaysia and the host country with a view to establish and develop networking as well as to cooperate with other women’s voluntary associations and individuals for the advancement of the objectives of PERWAKILAN Mumbai. It is also entrusted to project and enhance Malaysia’s good image and standing internationally, especially in Mumbai.


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