Meeting was held at the Consulate General of Malaysia in Mumbai for a morning coffee session and to discuss about the activities and up coming event, The Oberoi Melting Pot Charity. Meeting ended with birthday celebration for Puan Mahera and Puan Siti Asmah.

Thank you ladies for the delicious food.


12/12/2011 – PERWAKILAN MUMBAI’S AGM 2011/2012

Perwakilan Mumbai’s Annual General Meeting 2011/2012 was held at the Official Resident of Consul General Malaysia in Mumbai (Santacruz) on 12 Dec 2011. The meeting started with the opening speech by our Advisor and Consul General Malaysia in Mumbai, En. Mohamed Hatimi Abbas followed by the President of Perwakilan Mumbai Puan Siti Hazura Mohd Ghaus. Members of Perwakilan also celebrated Christmas with the theme “Red & White”. Gifts where distributed by our Santarina Enba (exchange gift). The event ended with Western Food (Christmas menu) prepared by Perwakilan Mumbai members.


Advisor : En. Mohamed Hatimi Abbas

Chairman : Pn. Siti Hazura Mohd Ghaus

Vice Chairman : Pn. Ima Din Pian

Secretary : Pn. Nor Hazima Abdul Hamid

Secretary II : Pn. Surita Saeh

Treasurer : Pn. Maherah Ahmad

Treasurer II : Pn. Siti Khadijah Sardiyo

Head of Sub-Committee for Food : Pn. Haryani Abdulah

Head of Sub-Committee for Religious & Education : Pn. Afifah Ariffin

Head of Sub-Committee for Event Coorditor & Social Affairs : Pn. Enba Deva

Head of Sub-Committee for Culture & Visits : Pn. Salwani Anuar & Pn. Siti Asmah Hashim

28/9/2011 – AJK MEETING 2011

First AJK Meeting with PERWAKILAN Mumbai’s new Advisor, En. Mohamed Hatimi Abas and Chairman, Puan Siti Hazura Mohd Ghaus was held at the office of the Consulate General of Malaysia in Mumbai.



Gathering was held at the residence of Mdm. Siti Hazura, the wife of the Consul General of Malaysia in Mumbai, India for a morning coffee session. We discussed on the up-coming event, Melting Pot. Thank you to Puan Siti Hazura for hosting this event. Other members brought desserts to be shared.


Sebelum Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan (AGM) dimulakan, demonstrasi masakan telah diadakan seperti “Chicken Tikka” dan “Chicken Malai Tikka”. Dan juga “mocktail”
seperti “Cinderella”, “Sunset Cooler” dan “Virgin Mary” serta demonstrasi melipat napkin.

Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan PERWAKILAN MUMBAI telah diadakan di Ala Mode Banquet, Juhu, Mumbai pada 27 Januari 2011. Majlis dimulakan dengan ucapan oleh Penaung PERWAKILAN Mumbai, YBhg Encik Wan Zaidi Wan Abdullah diikuti ucapan daripada Puan Pengerusi PERWAKILAN Mumbai, Puan Zuhaila Abd Latif.

Barisan Ahli Jawatankuasa PERWAKILAN Mumbai 2011:

Penaung : En. Wan Zaidi Wan Abdullah

Pengerusi : Puan Zuhaila Abd Latif

Naib Pengerusi : Puan Ima Din Pian

Setiausaha : Puan Nor Hazima Abdul Hamid

Bendahari : Puan Maherah Ahmad

Ahli Jawatankuasa Makanan, Keraian dan Sosial : Puan Enba Deva

Ahli Jawatankuasa Sukan, Lawatan dan Kebudayaan : Puan Salwani Anuar

Ahli Jawatankuasa Agama dan Pembelajaran ; Puan Mazidah Mohamed


The second meeting for PERWAKILAN MUMBAI’s Committee Members for 2010 was held on 15 April 2010 at 10.30 am at Mrs Nur Fadzlin’s residence in Prabhadevi, Mumbai, India. Mrs. Zuhaila Abd. Latif, the wife of the General Consul of Malaysia in Mumbai, India presented the welcome speech  and thanked Mrs Nur Fadzlin in providing her residence for the meeting.

All committee members were requested to come wearing traditional attire ( Baju Kurung/Saree or Salwar Kameez) for photography session of the PERWAKILAN MUMBAI’s committee members of 2010.

The meeting started as soon as the photography session was over and mainly focussed on matters as below :

1) Colombo Trip from 23 April till 26 April 2010. Those going for the trip were advised on the itenary. dress code and official dinner planned in Datin and Datuk’s residence.

2)Farewell Party. We discussed on the dates and venues for the farewell party planned on 21 May 2010. 

3) Bowling Tournament. We planned for the tournament to be scheduled on the 14 May 2010. The venue was to be confirmed later.

4) Bahasa Class. 30 May 2010 will be the last bahasa class. The class will resume after the monsoon season.

The meeting was adjourned at about 2.00 pm.





The first meeting for year 2010 for PERWAKILAN MUMBAI’S  Members  was held on 17 February 2010 at 10.30 am at Mrs Mahera’s residence in Santa Cruz (W), Mumbai, India. The meeting was addressed by the Chairman of PERWAKILAN Mumbai, Mrs. Zuhaila Abd Latif at 11.00am. She welcomed everybody and thanked them for their continuous support.

The meeting was an informal meeting just catching up with each other and sharing their vacation experiences. It was wonderful to get together after the long seasons break.

We took the opportunity to discuss on the activities and events planned for the year 2010. All the members wanted to plan a trip either local or overseas together. We decided to explore the idea and will try to organize it.

Mrs Ima Manoharan was very kind to share with us a showcase of stainless steel cutlery from a vendor, with exciting prices. The quality and design was very up market.

Mrs. Zuhaila Abd Latif  met with the committee members’ to discuss on the resignation of  Mrs Rahfesta as the Head of  Sub – committee member for Publication, Photography and Computers. The committee agreed to accept the resignation as she was returning back to Malaysia. We also agreed that we will not replace a new person. The other existing person Mrs Enba Deva will handle it alone and will be helped by other committee members when needed.

The treasure Mrs Jeya Vasu collected membership money INR 1000  from the members. This is for year 2010 membership payment.

 Chairman thanked Mrs. Mahera  for hosting the meeting in her residence.

The meeting adjourned at 12.30 pm and the guests ushered to the dining hall to have lunch. Mrs. Mahera and all other members had pot luck for a delicious lunch.

Note : PERWAKILAN Mumbai would like to thank all members  who had contributed  for the lunch.







The first meeting for PERWAKILAN MUMBAI’s Committee Members for 2010 was held on 14 January 2010 at 10.30 am at Mrs Zuhaila’s residence in Bandra, Mumbai, India. Mrs. Zuhaila Abd. Latif, the wife of the General Consul of Malaysia in Mumbai, India presented the welcome speech  and wished all members a very Happy New Year 2010! 

Following that we discussed annual member fee for year 2010 to be increased to INR 1000 per person which was officially agreed by all. The member fee will be collected by the treasure Mrs Jeya Vasu.

Discussion continued with the variety of  activities planned for the PERWAKILAN MUMBAI’s MEMBERS’. A detail 2010 plan was asked to be laid out by Mrs Julia Idaly the AJK  for Visits & Social Affairs.

Further to that a trip to Sri Lanka was suggested and agreed by all. We discussed on the appropriate time  and length of the trip.Ideas on  fund-raising  for the Perwakilan Tabung was shared among all. 

The meeting ended at about 12.30 pm and the guests ushered to the dining hall to have lunch. Mrs. Zuhaila Abd. Latif  had prepared delicious nasi ayam , salad and chicken soup as the main course while the rest of the ladies had brought over some desserts.







The Consul General of Malaysia in Mumbai, Mr. Wan Zaidi Wan Abdullah officiated the Annual General Meeting 2009 of The Malaysian Ladies Association in Mumbai (PERWAKILAN MUMBAI) held at C’est La Vie, Mumbai on 11 December 2009.

Mr. Wan Zaidi, in his remarks congratulated the PERWAKILAN MUMBAI for having actively carried out its activities throughout 2009. The Chairman of PERWAKILAN MUMBAI, Mrs. Zuhaila Abdul Latif delivered a keynote address detailing out the achievements of PERWAKILAN MUMBAI and the future plans for the Association.

Next, Mrs. Jeya Sundaraju, the treasurer of the Assocation, laid out the expenditure for year 2009 followed by Mrs. Mazidah Mohamed, as the secretary of the Association, who detailed out all the activities and events that had been carried out throughout the year 2009.

Mrs. Ima Manoharan later announced for the election of the new line up of Committee Members for 2010. As more activities for 2010 have been planned, the AGM also created several new Sub-committee Members to assist in the implementation of the activities. The new line-up is as below:

Chairman: Mrs. Zuhaila Abd. Latif

Vice Chairman: Mrs. Maherah Ahmad

Secretary: Mrs. Rosmayati Roslin

Treasurer: Mrs. Jeya Sundaraju

Sub-Committee Member for Culture & Sports: Mrs. Nur Fadzlin Ramli

Sub-Committee Member for Visits & Social Affairs: Mrs. Julia Idaly Mohd Yusof

Sub-Committee Member for Event Coordination & Food: Mrs. Mazidah Mohamed

Sub-Committee Member for Religious Affairs & Education: Mrs. Asiah Jaafar

Sub-Committee Member for Publication, Photography & Information Technology: Mrs. Rahfesta Abd. Rahman & Mrs. Enba Deva

Mrs. Zuhaila stressed out that if  a committee member fails to attend Commitee Members meeting for 3 times with no solid reason, she shall be removed and replaced with a new person. It has also been unanimously agreed that the new annual membership fee shall be Rs 1000 effective January next year. 

Click here for more photos.


The fifth meeting for PERWAKILAN MUMBAI’s Committee Members for 2009 was held on 1 December 2009 at 11.00 am at Mrs. Shareena Nordin’s residence in Juhu, Mumbai, India. Before the meeting started, Mrs. Zuhaila Abd. Latif, the wife of the General Consul of Malaysia in Mumbai, India presented a newborn baby gift to Mrs. Masitah Hamdah and another gift to Mrs. Shareena Nordin as a token appreciation for helping out during the Melting Pot event.

As the Chairman of the organisation, Mrs. Zuhaila Abd. Latif  officially opened the meeting with a welcome note and she was thankful that all committee members had made it to the meeting that day.

The meeting was held with the purpose of discussing on matters stated below:

1) Annual General Meeting 2009 has been decided to be held before the gala night and shall be carried out at the official residence of the General Consul of Malaysia in Mumbai, India.

2) Gala Night shall be held in December 2009 and the theme shall be strictly “Bollywood Night”. The event is open to all Malaysians and the invitations will be sent out soon.

Most of the discussion centered on the preparation of both programmes, the Annual General Meeting and the Gala Night. Each of the Committee Members were assigned to a task so as to ensure the events would go smoothly.

The meeting ended at about 12.30 pm and the guests ushered to the dining hall to have lunch. Mrs. Shareena had prepared delicious laksa asam, laksam, bubur nasi and lemang as the main course while the rest of the ladies had brought over some desserts. Later, some of the ladies enjoyed a round of karaoke.